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When you have tried touch repellents to keep deer away from your gardens, I believe you need to try metal deer fencing as well. Deer fencing is the permanent solution to prevent your home and gardens from deer passing by. The deer fence designs you need to opt for actually depends upon the deer pressure in your location. Some of the deer may jump high and that is the factor to be considered when choosing the height of the installed deer fences. For low to moderate deer flow in your vicinity, you can opt for 5 to 8 ft. deer fence. However, for higher deer flow, double deer fence would be preferable.

As per the requirement, there can be variation in the deer fencing materials. You may prefer the wood deer fencing as well as metal deer fencing. Choosing the commercial heavyweight deer netting and monofilament twine can be a less expensive deer fencing variation for you. Don’t get confused with the type of fences to be installed, contact our experts to guide you with the best deer fencing as per location.

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