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Time to move away from the traditional pickets and get the cable railings installed on your decks or terrace. Stainless steel and cable railings are strong and extremely durable. As they enable unobstructed views and gives modish look, they are often preferred in new homes and for home renovations. Cable railings are constructed on rigid frames and attached with the cable railing fittings. Since tensile strength and cable flexibility is an important consideration while designing cable railing the old UBC and newer ICC codes decide the value of the cable railing.

You can opt for the fence posts to be employed for cable railing installation and whether they should be of wood, composite or Vinyl or metal posts. Because of the affordability, least maintenance and ease of installation, cable railing is the choice of many. If you are a DIY fence or railing installer you can get cable railing kit with the cable railing fittings to be delivered from Alenco Fence. They are the pre-assembled and can be easily installed. Looking forward to the cable railing installation? Get the quote for free, now.

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