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Are you confused among the choice of steps for your exteriors? As a choice of outdoor stepping stones, you may choose between quarry steps and Chilton steps. In case, you are looking for the steps with the rugged and rustic look, quarry steps will make your choice. Quarry steps often come as units and that too in 3 sizes of bars:

Small pallet with 3 units
Medium pallet with 3 units
Large pallet with 2 units

However, for the smooth and chiseled one, you can go for Chilton steps. Depending upon your requirement of Chilton stones, they may be chiseled from one end or from 3 ends. You can choose for bluestone or brownstone or Chilton type. In a single pallet, you will find 3 slabs of it.

We are the distributors of stepping stones, you can choose them and get them delivered at your doorstep!

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