Five Simples Ways to Beautify Your Outdoor Space with Pergola

Pergolas are stylish installation to outdoor spaces that add a sophisticated and rustic finish to your homes.  Pergolas in wooden, vinyl and aluminium material made in various designs look great throughout all seasons and create a secure space in the outdoors for a little relaxation and privacy.

Typically, most Pergolas have covered, flat roofs and their designs are reminiscent of architectural structures from the Italian Renaissance. But off late, the designs, material and color combination are customized to fit in the available outdoor space, customers’ requirements and other utility factors. Pergolas are popular in commercial spaces like cafes, outdoor restaurants, plush hotels and spas to transform open spaces into beautiful entertainment, dining and lounge areas.

Pergolas in New Jersey’s regular homes can be installed due to the vast availability of lush green-landscapes and plenty of spaces that can be converted into beautiful yards and garden. For this reason, there are a myriad of styles and construction designs suggested by fence installation and Pergola installation services providers in the Garden State. Below are some simple tips to convert yards into an interesting, outdoor space with Pergolas:

  • Decorate with Plants, Garden Lights and Outdoor Accessories: This would be great if you wish to install a Pergola with minimalistic design or have a very limited budget. The basic design of Pergola can be further beautified with a unique combination of hanging pots, lights, curtains and other accessories to create a smart space for unwinding or entertaining guests at the parties.
  • Create Vertical Garden: Most Pergolas have four standing pillars and a roof which makes it ideal for growing creepers, vines and climbers that entwine against the walls and structures. Moreover, the pillars can be attached with panels that hold pots and mugs containing little plants, resembling a vertical garden. Pergolas also look heavenly in flower garden, fruit orchards and vine-yards.
  • Customize Design with Unique Combination of Materials: You can transform a boring outdoor and backyard area into an artistic space by approach fence companies in South Jersey that have experts in utilizing various combinations of material like metal, vinyl, wood and recycled material to install a Pergola that best reflects your suite, taste and budget.
  • Create Yoga or Meditation Lounge: Meditating and stretching in the serene open air, around plants and flowers is not only healthy but also proven to have calming effects on the mind and body. With Pergolas installed in the middle of your garden, you can create a small enclosure that can be used as a yoga, meditation and Taiichi lounge. For privacy, you can add drapes and holders for scented candles and accessories.
  • Sunbathing and Changing Area: If you have a Pergola by the pool, it can be designed to serve as a mini-changing room or a sunbathing area by adding a few lounge chairs, curtains and drapes. For this purpose, the design and material must be selected carefully to avoid damage due to wear and tear, regular contact and exposure to moisture from pool water. It is best to select materials that are water-proofed and resistant to fading and discoloration.    

Pergolas are cost-effective additions to your homes that also increase the re-sale value of the property.

 Alenco specializes in Pergola installation in NJ. If you have any doubts or questions about installing a Pergola on deck, visit our site today.  

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