Four Simple Ways to Increase the Shelf-life of Fences

For most households and establishments, fence installation may be a one-time project but, it requires routine maintenance and up-keep for long-shelf life.  In the suburb regions of the Garden State of New Jersey especially, many households, farm houses, ranches and cultivation areas irrespective of the kind and material used in fences, require some serious maintenance initiatives.

That’s because these areas are prone to pest infestation, deterioration in strength and quality of fences from mildew and damage due to breakage and rough usage. Moreover, the sturdiness and reliability of fences helps keep away wild animals like bears, racoons and deers.

To avoid the problem, some owners opt for electric gates and fences but, their woes do not end there! And in some instances, depending on the needs a few property owners choose materials and fencing options that are friendly on their pockets and come with a few years of repairs warranty. As for households and properties that have experimented with DIY fencing projects, the risks of damage and wear and tear is even higher. Therefore, its best to leave certain things to the experts and professionals from a renowned fence installation company to simplify regular maintenance processes.

However, given below are some of the important pointers that home and property owners in New Jersey should bear in mind about improving the longevity of their fences:

  • Opt for Vinyl-based Fences: Vinyl or PVC resin coated fences are safe and less toxic, durable weather-resistant and easy to clean. They need a very simple cleaning process involving some water, soap and a wet cloth to wipe off the dust and debris. Vinyl fences are less likely to gather moisture that can lead to mildew and staining.  Besides, it is a safe choice for households and properties with livestock animals, pets, and children. They last longer than regular wooden fences.
  • Trim-down Weeds and Dense Undergrowth: Weeds and vines entwine against fences, inviting pests and insects to nestle in moist areas that can infest crops, pets, and live-stock. In some cases, the insects can chew up wooden fences, decreasing their shelf-life and efficiency. Clearing out dense undergrowth can keep the fences dry throughout all seasons. You can keep your fences weed-free by installing mildly charged electric wiring.
  • Select Steel Fences and Rust-free Materials and Coatings:  Chain link fence, gates, and railing made of wrought iron no doubt lasted longer. But they also run the risk of rusting due to repeated exposure to moisture in the environment. Installing steel-based chain links, barbed wires and wire fences or fences with anti-rust coatings will be useful in enhancing the efficiency and sturdiness of fences.
  • Avoid Damage from Breakage with Electric Fencing: Electrically charged fences last longer than longer than regular fences in areas and property having livestock and cattle. Keeping electric fences can prevent cattle and animals from escaping or outside animals or pests from breaking into the premises.


Alenco is committed towards safeguarding your property and homes with superior quality fences and fence repairs in New Jersey. For more details and queries, reach our fence contractors today!

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