Pavers are Better than Concrete Flooring and Slabs

Pavers made of small concrete or natural stone slabs add a rustic appeal to the driveways and ground in the outdoor areas. In most homes, pavers are laid out around the garden, patio, walkways and swimming pool areas as they are mostly slip-proof and require minimal maintenance efforts.

Unlike concrete slabs, most professionals offering driveway pavers for sale in NJ take additional labor hours to individually layout each slab. But the investment will payback by adding more value to the property. In terms of strength and durability, pavers are better than concrete slabs as they are tightly interlocked against one another and remain crack-resistant.

In the Garden State of New Jersey, it makes sense to layout pavers in the yards and driveway to beautify homes and properties and compliment the greenery with contrasting and warm tones of stone slabs or colored concrete slabs.  If you are still doubtful about selecting the right kind of paver supplies and choose between paver and concrete-based flooring for your outdoors, below are some facts about pavers:

  • Multiple Design Options: Pavers come in a variety of materials, colors, designs and shapes.  It can be installed on any kind of area including stairs, indoor flooring, walkway, driveways, sidewalks and pool side. Whereas with concrete slab, the options for design are limited and have limited scope for design customization.
  • Easy Repairs and Low Maintenance: Paver slabs that are damaged and broken can be replaced with new stones and stabs. In the case of concrete slabs and concrete flooring the entire area must be redone if a crack or breakage appears.
  • High Resistance to Cracks, Abrasion and Damage Due to Environmental Factors: Only those paver slabs that have passed abrasion and freeze resistance tests are approved to be sold commercially. Besides, the thickness and stone-based materials have great strength and guarantee longer shelf-life and are less prone to damage due to weather and temperature changes.  This also prevents color discoloration which happens to be a typical problem with most flooring materials.
  • Greater Water Absorption and Less Ice Formation: In the winter and monsoon climates floors become slippery and turn to ice. It can be dangerous and fatal in some cases by causing accidents. With pavers, the stones and slabs are made of materials with permeable surface, allowing excess rain water to be absorbed by the ground underneath. Moreover, municipal laws on residential properties around the U.S. prohibits use of pavers or flooring materials that are non-permeable. Pavers also prevent formation of ice and drive storm and rain water to be absorbed, charging the ground.
  • Secured Paver Joints Prevent Weed Growth: The gaps between pavers can be filled with sands or cleaned up regularly to avoid weeds from growing which is a common problem in garden areas.

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