Swimming Pool Fences are a Must

Safety always tops the list of priorities of every home owner that is looking to install a swimming pool in the yard. Even the safety regulations and local government laws in the U.S. on the installation of recreational facilities like swimming pools in residential properties strictly instruct home owners to seek permission and documentation. The laws do not permit owners to build pools that are below the ground level if they do not have pool fences and safety signs around the area.

Pool fences are necessary as pool ownership in legal terms make the homeowners responsible and legally answerable in case of injury or accidents. They can face law suits for negligence and inadequate maintenance and supervision.

The rules in the Swimming Pool Code of New Jersey and other zoning ordinances need to be complied for safety and prevention of accidents and death due to drowning.  These rules are even more rigid for households having pets and children below the age of five years. Failure to comply to these rules can invite unwanted legal trouble and hefty fines and penalties.

While installing swimming pool fences, the owners should also bear in mind the dimensions, spacing locks, gates and material of fences should fit the specifications mentioned in the guidelines and therefore must be aware of the local building code on pool enclosures.

Given below are some of the important points to keep in mind while choosing pool fences:

  • Swimming pool fences are a must! Especially in the case of in-ground pools, a fence can increase awareness of the pool ahead and prevent accidental fall and drowning.
  • Although many providers of pool fences in South Jersey offer cheap fencing options, it is always better to refer the provisions in the swimming pool law to select a sturdy, rust-proof and safe fences like aluminium pool fences.
  • The homeowners need not seek additional permit if they install chain link pool fences or enclosures made of iron or material. The added permit is required only if the owners plans to build a boundary with bricks and concrete.
  • Check safety ratings and confirm if the mesh pool fences meet the American Society for Testing and Material standards in terms of safety, durability and other factors.
  • Vertical railings and bars made of wood, vinyl or other materials as fences in various designs and glass fences provide a better view of the pool area for monitoring. These materials are also easy to clean and maintain.

It is always to wise to stay compliant to the safety laws and fencing policies of the state and local government rather than taking chances and face liabilities. Fences can be customized to meet design expectations and the cost factor can always be worked out by bringing experts on board.

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