Three Reasons Why Deer Fencing is a Must for Farm Houses in NJ

Imagine a farmland or fruit orchard blessed by nature’s bounty. It is a pleasant sight to behold as long as the premises is well-guarded against unwanted visitors. New Jersey, the Garden State of the U.S. has plenty of picturesque sites and farmhouses that are often visited by Deers and other wild animals that pose danger and damage to property as well as for people.

Not so long ago, nearly 12 counties in the state received about half a million dollars-worth grants to help farm landowners protect their crops from constant assault from the Deer population. The state law also approved the depredation permit or the rights for farmland owners to shoot Deers that are wandering near the premises and attacking crops.

However, Deer fencing would be the best option for farmland and house owners in the state of NJ because:

  1.  Deer Fence Installation Helps Keep the Outdoor Clean: Animal dropping and ‘gifts’ from wild animals or strays in the neighbourhood at the backyard or in the garden area is never welcome. Deer fence contractors in NJ understand homeowners’ needs and protection requirements and accordingly select the right kind of fence (Wood Deer fence, electric fence, chain links, double fence, etc) to keep unwanted visitors away and ensure the outdoors do not become a wasteland for wild animals.
  2. Deer Fence Installation is Better than Shooting Deers: Although the government laws favor the safety of crops by allowing home owners with the right to shoot Deers if they pose a threat to the crops, Deer fence installation is more humane. There are about 130,000 Deers in the state of NJ and killing every wandering Deer that is found near the farmhouses is not a practical option.
  3. Deer Fence Installation Offers Safety from Other Predatory Animals: Deer fencing services providers and contractors in NJ offer a variety of fencing option based on the safety needs and property dimensions.  Picket fences, wooden boundaries and barb wire can be dangerous and also easy to break into the property. Tall, angled and double deer fences also help keep bears, racoons and moose away from the property.

If you are a farmland owner and have questions regarding Deer fence installation, repairs and zoning and fence permit laws, contact our fence installation experts today.

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