Quick Tips for DIY Projects to Build Arbors

Arbors are used for framing a pathway in a garden, park or any outdoor area. Beautiful and pleasing to the eye, arbors have a purpose. They are used for offering a small shaded region and for supporting vines and creepers to grow on its surface.

Many arbor installation service providers offer ready-made arbors to install on the driveways, garden areas, backyards and open spaces. To cut down labor and material cost, homeowners prefer trying out DIY projects to add a stylish definition to their yards.

Self-built arbors can be customized with a swing and used for creating a hanging garden. It can also be decorated with fairy lights.

If you are one of them, then below are some tips for building a shaded arbor in your home:

  • Bulk Buy Quality Parts and Materials: Bulk buying is always cost-effective and selecting adjustment parts and materials of good quality, makes the spending worthwhile. Therefore, DIY arbor building project must start with the measurement of the available space to make list on the materials to be purchased and parts like galvanized screws, bolts and nut as well as other essentials like safety gear, toolkits, paints and varnishes.
  • Rot-resistant and Insect Repelling Material: Arbor trellis that once looked beautiful but breaks down after spring showers and in fall season is an utter waste of time and money. Homeowners that are looking to build their own arbors must always opt for strong wood that repel insects naturally. Redwood and Cedarwood are economical, strong and outlive most types of wood used in pergolas and arbors by inhibiting wood-eating insect colonies to infest the wood or moisture to deteriorate its surface. Treating wood with insect-repelling coating and paints increase its shelf-life. Moreover, its always fun to paint!
  • Pre-plan Drilling, Lumbering and Cutting: One downside of DIY projects is that it is hard to predict wastages. But with proactive planning and some research, one can avoid wastages and carefully mark the amount of wood that must be lumbered and sawed with pencil and chalk and check its measurements with the area dimensions to prevent sizing differences.
  • Experiment with Modular Pillars and Lattice-structured Beams: Beams with lattice work and surfaces that are pre-built and detachable can be attached to the arbor pillars to create an artistic space. Homeowners can plan out their budget and curb manual labor by joining modular, ready-made beams that come in variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Top it off with Paint: After installing all the essential parts of arbor and arbor with gates such as hinges, pillars, beams and more, it is important to give the wood with a generous coating of paint and varnish. The paint and polish prevent wood from weathering quickly due to repeated exposure to sunlight and moisture thereby increasing its shelf-life.

Do you know more tips to create a perfect arbor and arbor trellis in the garden? Let us know by leaving a comment on the section below.

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